What’s your big idea?

One of my favorite things is helping creative types make their ideas become realities. If you’ve got a project kicking around in your brain, please get in touch and tell me about it.



“You can speak a better sermon with your life than with your lips”

It is so hard to live your ideals. Strike that: it’s impossible to live your ideals, because ideals are impossible to reach. But above all, we strive. I don’t think there’s a human on earth who is not driven by...

What I’m up to now (March 2015 that is)

WHAT.A.WINTER. Can’t believe I’m only just now getting a chance to update. It’s been as if some internal/metaphorical gate was opened, and everything has recommenced to flow. I’m feeling pretty powerful, activated, other words hippies use. Lots going on, and...

Who is J.H. Fearless?

My parents named me Jessica Reeder, but at the age of fifteen I discovered the Internet, and real names would not do. At various times since, I’ve been known as Jessie Blue, Jess Horrible, The Hun, and a few more I won’t share in this forum.

J.H. Fearless is a chosen name, but it’s also an homage to two amazing women who came before me: My grandmothers, Juanita and Helen. Nita’s middle name was Fearless, and I am proud to carry it on. Who wouldn’t be?

I love the idea of changing your name to suit your identity. Personality, perception and creation: It’s all flexible. As a writer, I have moved from fiction to journalism to marketing and back. I believe in the integrity of each as its own pure and unique art form. My work is based on building ideas and emotions out of syntax and semantics. My passion is for telling compelling stories of things that really happened, for making the facts sing, for capturing the context and the greater meaning. Truth is stranger than fiction, and the magic is in the making.

I’m absolutely and totally driven to blog, and have been since I discovered the form over a decade ago. I love documenting inspiring, uplifting events, projects and creations. That lends itself well to marketing, and in recent years I’ve also helped creators and businesses tell their own stories. I always try to work on projects I really believe in.

Integrity is my cornerstone, and magic is my motivation.

Now let’s talk about you.


Make Believer Manifesto